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Blue Curacao at a cool swimming pool?

Blue Curacao at a cool swimming pool?

The color blue is a recurring color in my life. All shades of blue are good! It makes me happy, it radiates strength and peace for me. I have always loved to wear blue shades of clothing and you can see it everywhere in my interior. From the well-known jeans to blue shirts and blouses in many shades of blue to sky-blue duvet covers and curtains in the bedroom. During a Curacao vacation we fell in love with the island. Besides all the plans we had, I was especially happy with the beautiful turquoise sea, a cool blue swimming pool, to sip from the cocktail Blue Curacao and the blue skies.

Blue holiday home on Curacao

Our first house on Curacao therefore got a beautiful deep dark blue color. Fortunately, you can choose all the colors of the rainbow for the outside of your house! Many passers-by and guests of our apartments asked for the color code to match the color to use at home.

Our second house on Curacao and the luxury holiday home “Beach House Pietermaai“, has been given white walls, but now with the beautiful dark blue color on the shutters!

The interior of our beach house also has a blue / white interior to fully experience the beach vibes during your holiday. That is not too difficult with the beautiful sea in your backyard, but color details in the interior give that extra Caribbean holiday experience.

Blue for you too?

According to studies, blue is the favorite color of many people. It stands for:





“It’s a cool color reminiscent of the sky and the sea. These associations make you feel comfortable with the blue color around you”.

How beautiful that is exactly what we want to convey to our guests when they enter their luxury holiday home!

Do you like to ‘feel it for yourself’? You can check now the availability.