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Top 3 Restaurants am Meer in Pietermaai und Punda

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Top 3 Seaside Restaurants in Pietermaai and Punda

Celebrate your holiday with breakfast, lunch and dinner by the sea

The nice thing about Pietermaai is that you can not only enjoy a well-deserved holiday there. But that, like us, you can also work and live there very nicely. We love going out for dinner and are frequent visitors to the many restaurants in the area. So nice to walk to a restaurant during lunch or at the end of the day. And an additional advantage: we can give you the best tips during your holiday as real experts by experience!

Historic and culinary Pietermaai

The Pietermaai district is 1 of the 4 historic districts of Willemstad and is on the Unesco World Heritage List. How nice to eat or drink a cocktail on the terrace or in one of those historic buildings? Pietermaai is the only one of the 4 historic districts, with many monumental buildings located directly on the sea. And in some of those beautiful buildings there are beautiful restaurants. So a unique location!

Top 3 seaside restaurants in Pietermaai and Punda

Enjoy lunch or dinner by the sea and between the colored monuments. How nice that you have the always varied sea in front of you, see the boats sail by and enjoy the beautiful sunsets. This is our top 3 of the most beautiful restaurants by the sea and all very close to Beach House Pietermaai: (To check upcoming events in this nice neighborhood, check

Restaurant NulTwintig is located just outside Pietermaai in the Penstraat, but worth taking the car for a short drive to this haute cuisine restaurant in a beautiful country house by the sea.

Heeren at Sea, centrally located in Pietermaai. Enjoy a Burgundian experience with your feet in the sand and a playground for the small children.

Perla del Mar, in the Fort Arch (Boogjes) in Punda. With a view of the entrance to the harbor. From fresh local fish to grilled steaks. This water fort is built on the original old fort from 1634.

Bon appetite!