General Terms Beach House Pietermaai

Accommodation and Facilities:

Beach House Pietermaai is located in the historic Pietermaai district at Pietermaai 18, Willemstad, Curacao.

Beach House Pietermaai is suitable for 4 persons. A separate bed- and bath room is located ocean front. Ideal for 2 couples or parents with 2 or more children. Besides the bed rooms, children can sleep on the large comfortable sleeping sofa in the living room (with airco). (Also baby crib available).

It has a private pool ocean front. Beach House Pietermaai is furnished with care and attention. Do you see any improvements or points of attention, please inform us a.s.a.p. during your stay. We love to offer you maximum quality and service during your stay.

Reservations and Payment:

  • After placing a reservation, the renter will receive an invoice by e-mail for a 50% down payment of the full rental sum. This invoice must be paid within 4 days. Once we receive your payment the reservation will be definite and will be blocked in the calendar. By paying the down payment the renter agrees with these terms and conditions.
  • The remainder of the total rental sum needs to be paid no later than six weeks before the start of your stay. The security deposit has to hand over cash upon arrival.
  • If the reservation is established within six weeks of your arrival date, the total rental sum is to be paid immediately.
  • After receiving your reservation, the renter will receive a voucher/confirmation by e-mail, containing the details of the reservation. This voucher will be checked by renter and returned by email to confirm dates, contact- and flight details. This voucher notes the maximum amount of people for which the reservation was made. This amount may not be exceeded without consultation with the proprietor.
  • As mentioned in the confirmation, all payments need to be made to following account number for payments from Europe:

ING Bank The Netherlands, attn. C.M. Spelt a/o D.W. Dreijer, Pietermaai 78 Willemstad, Curacao 4569926 IBAN: NL30INGB0004569926 (BIC: INGBNL2A, Bank address: Bijlmerplein 888, 1102 MG Amsterdam)

  • The down payment can also be paid via your credit card via PayPal or directly through your PayPal account for payments in USdollars. You’ll receive a secured email with all information it is easily possible to pay the down payment. Transferring costs are 4% of the down payment to settle with your security deposit at the end of your stay. Final payment can be paid cash upon arrival to avoid again the transferring costs.
  • All banking/ transferring costs are for renter and will be settled with the security deposit at the end of your stay.


  • It is possible to take an option on an apartment for a maximum of 4 days, to arrange flights.
  • Establishing an option is only possible after agreed and recorded consultation with the proprietor.
  • During the period of the option, Beach House Pietermaai will not be rented to another tenant.
  • The option is provided under the condition that, if someone else wants to rent the apartment in the option period, you have 24 hours to decide on a definite reservation and finalize the down payment, or to cancel the option.


  • For current prices check the website; All our rates are in US Dollars.
  • The security deposit will be added to the remainder of the rental sum. After final inspection together with you, the security deposit will be returned to you at the end of your stay, after subtraction of water and electricity usage, damages made, extra services that are on your account or bought coffee capsules;
  • The cost of water and electricity are not included in the rental fee of Beach House Pietermaai (average costs are 10 usd per 24 hrs);
  • The proprietor can change the rates without notice. Price changes do not apply to existing reservations.

Arrival, departure, and minimum stay:

  • The tenant can check in as of 4.00 pm on the day of arrival. Checking out on the day of departure has to be done before 12:00 noon. Checking out at a later time is only possible in certain situations. This needs to be discussed with the owners. The late check out fee, will be charged to your bill, regardless of the amount of people staying in the apartment.
  • The rental period can commence any day of the week. Minimum stay of 5 nights. Exceptions can be made after consultation with the proprietor.
  • If you have chosen for the airport transfer, you will be welcomed at the exit of the airport by the driver. You will be transported directly to your Beach House Pietermaai and there we will hand over the keys to you with some additional information.
  • If the flight number of your departing and/or arriving flight changes, you need to inform us.
  • If you have rented a car at the airport: we will make sure to send you directions from the airport to Beach House Pietermaai. Upon arrival at Beach House Pietermaai, we will hand over the keys of the apartment to you with some additional information.
  • Upon arrival the owners will explain most necessary amenities of the apartment. The electricity and water meters will be checked together with you.
  • During your stay, you can contact the owners easily. They live and work in Pietermaai. They are always reachable via phone, free Whats App or email. There is a manual present in the house with extensive information about appliances present in the house, general information about Curacao and more.
  • On the day of departure, the proprietor will go through the apartment with you.


  • The tenant can cancel, alter, or change the name of the reservation at any time, in case of urgent reasons. The proprietor needs to be notified in writing.
  • Cancellation fees: Cancellation up to 6 weeks before day of arrival: 50% of entire rental fee.; When you or we find another renter for (some of) the days, your (partial) fee will be returned to you, minus $ 75,– administration fees
  • Cancellation from six weeks before day of arrival: entire rental fee; When you or we find another renter for (some of) the days, your (partial) fee will be returned to you, minus $ 75,– administration fees
  • We strongly recommend a cancellation and travel insurance. If you have a continuous cancellation and travel insurance, we advise you to check whether the sum insured will be sufficient.
  • If you leave before the previously determined departure date, there will be no refund of your rental fees.
  • Altering the amount of people traveling, after making your reservations, will not count as a cancellation. The surcharge or lower rates will be settled with you before your departure.

Cleaning, towels and linens:

  • A guest is obliged to keep the accommodations and its surroundings in the same state in which it was found, during the period of the rental agreement.
  • Beach House Pietermaai will be cleaned every 7 days. This cleaning will also include a change of linens and towels.
  • If the tenant wishes a higher frequency of cleanings, he or she can settle this with the proprietor for an extra fee.
  • The apartment will be clean according to the high current standards at your arrival.
  • When you stay for more than 3 weeks there is an extra charge for the weekly cleanings.
  • You will receive upon arrival for each person: 1 hamam beach towel, 5 towels and washcloths. Beds are made with linens.
  • It is possible to buy the hamam towels, embellished with the Beach House Pietermaai logo, for a fee.

Damage to the apartment/hotel suites and inventory:

  • If any damage is done to the apartment or its inventory at the hands of the tenant and/or his/her companions, damages will be added to the account.
  • The proprietor needs to be notified of damages directly, or in any case before departure. We replace or repair it asap during your stay.
  • Damages will initially be paid by the security deposit.
  • Damages reported in due time (on location, to the proprietor) that accumulate to less than $ 35,– per stay will not be charged.
  • Damages that are not reported (in a timely matter) will always be charged in its entirety.

At your own risk:

  • The use of the pool at Beach House Pietermaai is entirely at your own risk. Diving into the pool is expressly prohibited. The pool deck and concrete floors can be slippery when wet. Beware of slipping. The pool can be a safety hazard for small children, especially for those among us who cannot swim. This requires full attention of the parents or caretakers.
  • Beach House Pietermaai is situated directly ocean front. Going into the sea, swimming in the sea, snorkeling or scuba diving is entirely at your own risk and not recommended at this point. The sea can be a safety hazard for children and adults alike. We recommend you seriously consider whether or not it is safe to go out, because the waves can be very high. There is a significant chance you will be injured by the coral reefs in the sea. A safe city beach is reachable within a 2 minutes walking distance, where you can enter the sea safely;
  • The use of the kitchen(appliances) and (electrical)appliances, such as the washing machine, is entirely at your own risk;
  • The use of the barbecue is entirely at your own risk. Never light a barbecue with spirits or other flammable substances. Only light the barbecue using fire starters. Using the barbecue is only permitted in the designated area;
  • Beach House Pietermaai is equipped with smoke detectors. In case of false alarm, for example because of smoking in the apartment, which is explicitly forbidden, any costs made by the fire department are for the account of the tenant. Frequently checked fire extinguisher is in the kitchen;
  • Beach House Pietermaai has a alarm system which are connected to the emergency center. The tenant is mandatory to use the alarm system, in case the apartment is empty or during the night. The tenant is aware of the fact that if the alarm does not appear to be used, damage from theft and burglary are accounted for tenant, if the insurance of the landlord for this reason wouldn’t provide a (complete) payment.
  • The proprietor accepts no liability for the ‘at your own risk’ issues mentioned above.


  • Although you are staying in a secure area, we advise you not to leave behind precious items or papers unattended or in plain view in the apartment. A safe is available for safely storing these items. The proprietor will not be liable for theft, breaking and entering, or loss of items. In case of loss of keys, remote control of the fence, alarm, and other items belonging to the apartment, the costs of replacing these will be added to your account. The costs will initially be subtracted from the security deposit.
  • We will attempt to perform necessary maintenance at times the apartment is not rented out. However, it is possible that urgent maintenance has to be performed. The proprietor will strive to keep the time this maintenance lasts as short as possible, and it will always be done after consultation with the tenant. The performing of maintenance during a rental period, does not give the renter any rights to a rent reduction.
  • The tenant is forbidden to host parties or other events in or around the rented property. The producing of noise, in whichever shape or form, after 10 PM is expressly forbidden. Additionally, it is assumed that the tenant displays normal behavior towards its surroundings.
  • Children up to 18 years of age are only allowed to stay in the rented accommodation when accompanied by an adult.
  • Using narcotics or drugs in or around the rented property is forbidden.
  • Smoking is only allowed on the patio and outside. Smoking inside is expressly forbidden. There are smoke detectors in the rooms.
  • Children can sleep in a cot (60cm x 120cm) in the room of the parents. Linens and towels are available. High chair, toys, etc are available. Please, request for these things at your reservation.
  • Beach House Pietermaai has a commercial liability insurance.

Application of the booking conditions: When the rental agreement is created (which is the case as soon as you have paid the deposit), you agree to the terms and conditions above.

Contact information: David and Cindy, Beach House Pietermaai, Pietermaai 18 (+5999) 697 1838 / 5286118 E-mail: [email protected]

Chamber of Commerce of Curacao # 128184